What We Do

Our Services

We provide Structural Engineering consulting services on Commercial, Industrial, Institutional & Governmental projects, as listed below:

  • Design of Self-Storage buildings
  • Design of Exterior Curtain walls (metal stud walls)
  • Design of Metal roofing, Siding and Components
  • Design of Retrofit Roof system & Screen Walls
  • Design & Lifting analysis of Modular Structures [PDCs (Power Distribution Centers), PCRs (Power Control Rooms)]
  • Design & Lifting analysis of Skid Buildings & Open Skid Structures
  • Design of RV & Boat storage facility and Carports
  • Design of Retail centers & Office-Warehouse buildings.
  • Design of Canopies, Awnings, Garden centers & Access/Entry Gates
  • Design of Handrails, Stairs & Landings
  • Design of Light Poles & Pipe Stacks
  • Foundation & Retaining wall design
  • Perform Structural Inspections
  • Perform TDI Windstorm Inspections
  • Review of Metal Building project documents